Oh hey Jimmy Rollins


One of the top reasons I love Fox School of Business so much is because of the AMAZING guest speakers they get to come to campus. Recently, we were able to get Jimmy Rollins, player for the Phillies, to talk to Fox students about entertainment law and the music industry! I was surprised myself when I found out he WASN’T talking about baseball which is what he is known for!

For me it all started when I saw on Fox’s facebook site that Jimmy Rollins was coming to Temple and that you could enter to win tickets to hear him talk about the perils of entrepreneurship in the music industry. Personally I’m not too interested in the music industry or entertainment law, but I figured I would enter anyway…and…as it turns out I was having a pretty lucky day because I won a ticket!!!

So Tuesday morning I ventured to Alter Hall (home of Fox School) up to an area called ‘MBA Commons’ where there was free coffee, muffins, about 150 people, and of course Jimmy Rollins! The event ran from 9:30am to 12 and encompassed everything from copyrights to record labels, of course the best part being Jimmy’s personal anecdotes on his life, his company Jimmy Rollins Entertainment Group and the team. All in all it was really good to hear entrepreneurial advice from someone so accomplished!  Thanks Fox =]

Click here to view the Temple News article on the event


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