Twice the Blogging…


Twice the fun!

As a marketing major I thought it might be a good idea to take Management Information Science (MIS) as a minor to get a better feel for technology and the business intelligence behind a corporation. With my minor I was allowed to choose from a few different courses to take as an elective. The available classes all seemed really interesting but the one that really stuck out was “Social Media Innovation.” As an avid Facebook user (like most college students) I was jumping at the chance to take a class where my homework was to do things like blog and post on Twitter.

Now, a few weeks into the semester, the class has completely surpassed my expectations. Every Thursday (from 5:30 to 8pm) we talk about how social media shapes our world as well as the business world and how we can use social media to create innovative ideas. My favorite part of the class though is something called ‘The Quest.’ The Quest is a game invented by my professor to encourage us to get to learn how to use WordPress and other social media outlets. We have a list of ‘tasks’ to complete in order to get points and level up. Right now I am ‘Accomplished’ (level 2) but within the next few days I am hoping to level up. As an extremely competitive person, this is the perfect way to motivate me to do work! For the Quest I had to start another blog on the MIS community website and post different things there like reflections to articles and slideshows of pictures.

So with this blog and my Social Media blog, I am doing twice the blogging, but it’s actually a lot of fun! Overall I am extremely psyched about the class! I look forward to going every week and truly enjoy my homework =] To check out my Social Media Innovation blog click here.



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