Summer – it’s sooner than we think!


Well, it’s that time of the year when spring is begining to poke it’s head out and college students are starting to plan their summers.

For me, my summer is looking pretty good. After school, towards the end of May, I’ll be trekking thousands of miles to London, Paris, and Barcelona. It’s an 11 day trip where I get to do all the touristy things like take a double decker bus around London, and visit the Eiffel Tower (which as a tour guide I am pretty psyched about) while also doing the less touristy more ‘cosmopolitan’ type things like go to local restaurants and experience the local culture. I am EXTREMELY excited since the only time I left the United States was when I was three to visit my uncle in Canada. On Tuesday, I handed in my paperwork for my passport and cringed as I wrote the check for the $170 needed to expedite it. Even though my bank account is a little lower, I can’t wait for the day the passport arrives in the mail =]

After my trip I will be starting my INTERNSHIP (wahoooo!) with an adventure tourism company called DeTours. I am particularly psyched about this internship for a few reasons :

1.) I’ll be working with my great friends Margaret and Jordan =]

2.) I’ll be a Sales and Marketing Intern as well as the head of Search Engine Optimization for the company. As a Marketing major with a minor in Management Information Systems this is a dream title (geeky I know )

3.) The company seems SO COOL!!! Like I said, it is an adventure tourism company that gives running tours, biking tours, and segway tours!!! How cool is that?????

The time that isn’t spent working with DeTours will be spent working for my favorite place in the world TU Undergrad Admissions giving tours to prospective students =] It’s definitely going to be a fun summer.


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