DIY Philly Cheese Steak


…well it’s not entirely DIY because that would mean you made it from scratch… BUT for those of you who live out of town and need your Philly fix, or if you live in Philly and simply want the instant gratification of having a cheese steak on demand, there is Tony Luke’s frozen cheese steaks!!

Now I was definitely a little skeptical when I picked this bad boy up from the freezer section of the grocery store (seeing as how I live in Philly and have access to the worlds best cheese steaks literally down the street) but after consuming it, I am definitely going to become a repeat buyer! These steaks are delicious! The bread isn’t mushy or soggy in any way and the meat is perfectly seasoned with the cheese sitting delightfully on top. Stick it in the microwave and 5 minutes later, VOILA! you’ve got yourself a Philly cheese steak!

Now all I need to do is hit up the REAL Tony Lukes on Columbus Blvd and see how the fresh ones taste 🙂 Happy eating!


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