In a land far far away…


As a lot of you know, I recently got back from an 11 day trip to London, Paris, and Barcelona. I had an absolute blast seeing lots of touristy things and some not-so-touristy things. Since the trip was 11 days and chalk-filled with adventures, I decided to pick three of my favorite things that I did in each city just to give everyone a taste of what my trip was all about.


1.) Covent Garden: *Covent Garden was a place with a bunch of little shops, restaurants, ice cream, and a large open area in the middle perfect for street performers.  While we were there we went to a couple of the stores (one of which was Lush! =] ), and watched some of the performances there. One of my favorite pictures is one I snapped of the cello player in a string quartet. 

2.) Wicked*I had never seen the show before so I was extremely excited to not only see it, but see it in London!!! The show was AMAZING, and the actors/ actresses were fantastic. I am so glad to finally understand the meaning behind the songs from the show. =] 

3.) Bath: *On the last day in London some of us took a trip to a town called Bath, about 2 hours from the city of London. The town of Bath used to be a place that the Romans would visit to take elaborate spa-like baths and relax. After seeing the original Roman bath’s we got to walk around the town and just enjoy it’s atmosphere and culture. The town was so pretty I couldn’t even imagine living there. Everywhere we turned it was simply gorgeous. It was definitely a good ending to our time in the UK. 


1.) Montmartre: *I think that Montmartre was my favorite part of the whole trip. Montmartre was a little town on top of a hill that overlooked the entire city of Paris. It was full of cafes, bakeries, art, and gorgeous buildings. We went there once for a walking tour with our tour director Gino, and then again when we had some free time. The best part was sitting on the stairs on the hill of Montmartre with some wine and street performers. =]

2.) Eiffel Tower: *Like any good group of tourists, we had to check out the Eiffel tower. We went to the top of the tower right as the sun was setting so needless to say the view was amazing. When we got back down, the tower started to light up. It was absolutely beautiful. 

3.) Absinthe Tasting: *Evidently Absinthe is a pretty big deal to some people in Europe. Much like wine, it has a proper way of being prepared and consumed. We got to go to a traditional Absinthe bar where we were allowed to taste both white and green Absinthe. Even though a lot of people didn’t like the taste, I really did. It tasted like black licorice! 


1.) Cavas and Tapas tasting: *Our group got to go to a winery called Freixenet where we got to see how Cava (a Spanish take on champagne) was made. At the end of our tour we tried a bunch of different kinds of Cava and had tapas to accompany our drinks. 

2.) Gaudi: *Barcelona had a heavy influence of Gaudi style. Gaudi is a famous architect that designed buildings to resemble nature (ie. no strait lines). So walking around Barcelona we really got to see a lot of Gaudi buildings which were so cool to see. 

3.) La Rambla: *La Rambla was a main street in Barcelona that had lots of restuarants, flower shops, cheesy souvenir stores, and a gorgeous market with fresh fruits and vegetables.  We spent there for the majority of our time in Barcelona and were lucky enough to be there for the parade to celebrate Barcelona winning the championship for soccer! 

Overall I had so much fun and given the opportunity I would do it again in a second! =]


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