Colorful Pups and Wildwood


Abby and me on the car ride home...looking crispy

This past Saturday a few friends and myself took a day trip to Wildwood New Jersey to get some sun and relax a little bit.

To our dismay the weather forecast called for cloudy skies and thunderstorms, but we were set on going and the weather wasn’t going to stop us. Fortunately it didn’t rain at all while we were there but it was extreme overcast all day long.  So the four of us laid on the beach, toes in the water, ass in the sand, without sunscreen on. Turns out my mom was right all these years…you CAN get sun through overcast. Abby and I left the beach burnt to a crisp :-/ Don’t you hate it when Moms are right?

The next day I had to work at my internship in the morning. After a long shift, my boss and I watched a little bit of the annual Philly Gay Pride parade which marched right passed the street that the DeTours office is located on. I only got to see a little bit but the part I did see was fantastic! My favorite was the multi-colored poodles =] Wilson (my boss’s dog) was also sporting some funky accessories.
oh summer… =]

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