Not too shabby…


It’s been quite an eventful past couple of days! Saturday  I went on an architecture tour of Philly with Dani and it was awesome. Our tour guide was ehhh but it was nice to just look around and see how beautiful the city really is.

photos I took on the architecture tour

Sunday was Father’s day and after working from 8 to 2 I headed home to be with my Pops. My family took a trip to Viva (one of my favorite restaurants back home) for some amazing food and family time =] Dad’s got a free beer too, so needless to say my Dad and my brother in-laws were pretty satisfied.

Monday, Abby and I decided to cash in our Groupons that we bought a while ago for $15 worth of Indian food. Let me tell you…$15 buys you a lot of food. The food was great though! I ❤ Groupon.

In other news… my skin is peeling so much from the sunburn I got the other weekend at the beach that I’m afraid at any moment I’m going to evolve into Charizard… although I can’t say that would be so terrible.




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