How to create your own Groupon (DIY)


As a lot of my friends know, I am a pretty big restaurant-goer. I love trying new food and getting to know the latest and greatest Philly restaurants.  But while this is one of my favorite hobbies, I also find that it can be the most costly.

Thinking about it, I probably go out to dinner at least once or twice a week and when I’m not going out to dinner, I order in a lot as well from . I really do love to cook, but with working two jobs, I sometimes find myself wanting to just come home and veg. Thankfully, my friends Colleen and Dani have let me in on a little secret to getting really great food at affordable prices. So I want to share with the world (and even New Jersey) how to get some great restaurant deals and save a couple bucks – the entire process is kind of like creating your own Groupon.

Step 1.) go to and create an account (and keep this tab open in your browser)

click image to make larger











Step 2.) In a new tab go to and create an account (keep this tab open as well)

click image to make larger











Step 3.) click on ‘Restaurant Deals’ on the left and then click on ‘Click and Save’ for Restaurants in the middle of the screen.

click image to make larger










Step 4.) go shopping! After entering your zip code you can browse through the list of restaurants that you want to buy a ‘gift card’ from and just add what you want into your ‘cart’ by doing it this way you are receiving an 80% discount on … awesome!!!

NOW, there are 2 things you need to know before hand… Lets make a list shall we?

1.) You HAVE to look at the ‘special instructions’ located under the restaurants prices for gift cards. Some restaurants require a minimum amount of food that has to be ordered in order to redeem the gift card. Let’s take a look at an example:

click image to make larger

In this picture you can see that to use a gift card for this particular restaurant you have to spend at least $35 – so lets break this down (WARNING – this is about to get confusing) . You will initially pay $10 for $25 worth of food, but you have to spend $35 which means you will pay $10 more dollars when you get there. So if you add it all together you are paying $20 for $35 of food from Fieldhouse. But that is without the discount from So when you go to checkout on you will find that you are only paying $2 for $25 worth of food. Add the other $10 you have to pay when you get there and you are technically paying $12 for $35 of food… pretty awesome deal!!! JUST like a Groupon! =] =] =] Look at you, making your own Groupon… what a stud.

In another example (the image below) you will see that there is no minimum… these are great deals to get.

click image to make larger







2.) ALWAYS READ THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS AND TERMS & CONDITIONS for your gift certificates. – trust me, it isn’t long and it is important.

ALRIGHT – well that was fun! I hope you guys all have fun getting super awesome coupons on food! =] Here is what I got! all for $22 … #KimmieRocks


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