How to Enjoy Washington DC Without Really Trying


I just returned home from a 4-night trip to Washington DC for the 4th of July with my friend Abby to visit our friend David. It was a tremendous win for us as we hardly planned a thing and still managed to have the time of our lives. 3 important steps for having a fantastic time in this wonderful city;

1.) Go with awesome friends – While Washington DC was an amazing city with regard to both beauty and content, I have to say my favorite moments from the trip were the late night jokes with my two friends Abby and David. It was when we would get back to our hotel laden with sheer exhaustion that we would become down right giddy and just laugh for hours at what seemed like nothing (sometimes it literally was nothing). We would get back from the day’s sight-seeing and sit by the fire ( nah just kidding, it was like 90 degrees – but we DID sit out side a lot ) and create hilarious moments that we talked about the next day.

2.) Take a nighttime stroll and see the attractions in the dark –

The best thing about seeing the monuments at night was not only the entirely different look of them due to the lighting scheme, but the fact that it was far less crowded than during the day. Since we were visiting during a pretty popular time to go to DC (the 4th of July) everywhere we looked there were hopelessly lost tourists, metro-crowders  with their 18 bags of luggage, and worst of all – children. Now, I have nothing against children, well the ones that can sitdown and behave anyway, but it just seems like Washington DC is not the place for your bratty 5 year old child and your extremely bulky stroller… at least not on the 4th of July… although I get the appeal. But anyway I digress – the point is that if you want to avoid the crazy children and see gorgeously lit monuments definitely check them out at night.

3.) go with a local or someone who knows the city – The purpose of our trip was to visit our friend David (who is doing his internship with the DNC this summer), celebrate his birthday, and see DC. Needless to say the point was to have fun and it was a huge load of Abby and my shoulders to have someone with us who was familiar with the metro, knew where all the major attractions were, and also knew where the not-so-major attractions were. With David as our guide, we got to see things like Eastern Market where there were crafts and food sold at every glance, and Old Town Alexandria which was a quaint town with a bunch of cute boutiques and a gorgeous waterfront. A lot of the stress of figuring out what to do and how to get there was taken off our shoulders which was a pretty pleasant way to enjoy our stay.

 to see my full set of Washington DC photos from this weekend  click here


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