How to Get Your French Toast Fix


The Huts at 12th and Polett

When I was growing up and living at home Saturdays used to be my favorite day of the week. It was my favorite day for a few reasons, mainly for the fact that I didn’t have to go to school and it was filled with other fun things like shopping, going out to dinner, or just spending time with my family and friends, but also because if everyone was up early enough, my mom would make us a delicious breakfast to start the day. Usually I would always get eggs nest which is by far one of the best meals I have ever had but on occasion my mom would switch things up and make us something like pancakes or french toast. 

But then I moved to Philly and I had to say goodbye to mom-made Saturday morning breakfast and while I love cooking, let’s be honest, how many Saturday mornings am I actually awake before noon?

So the next best things to get your breakfast on is to buy some food around campus. Temple’s campus is fantastic for breakfast food… we have everything from egg sandwiches on a croissant (or CWAssont as some people who think they’re french call it) to bagels with every kind of cream cheese imaginable. But in my three years here so far, I have never once bought French Toast on campus, until today of course.

Before work this morning, I stopped at the ‘huts’ on campus for my usual coffee and food. At this point I usually am so caffeine-deprived that I just order the quickest thing to make but today I brought my own coffee from home and was ready to wait a little longer for something a little bit tastier. So I pulled over at Adriatic Grill to actually read the menu, something I usually skip since at that point I’m usually growing horns from my head (seriously guys, I’m not a morning person without my coffee) and I found something a little surprising; an entire section dedicated to french toast.  They had thick toast, thin toast, some with butter, some with syrup, some with both. I got the thick french toast with butter and syrup…. needless to say it was AWESOME and for the low low price of $4!!


So there you guys go- a post about french toast… I know my dad would be upset if I didn’t include the following:

“French toast is neither French, nor toast… discuss.”

extra points if you get the reference



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