How to Enjoy Temple’s Ambler Campus


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Temple you might be surprised to find out that we actually have quite a few campuses other than our main one in Philadelphia. One of those campuses is our lush, green, suburban campus located in Ambler, PA.

As of right now I am taking a class at Ambler every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 8 and while the class part is not my favorite, I certainly don’t mind getting to see the gorgeous nature and friendly animals (yeah that’s right, there are animals at Ambler that aren’t pissed off squirrels ready to take revenge on every piece of food you possess).

After my midterm tonight I had a lot of time to kill before we got back to our scheduled agenda for the rest of class so I took a little walk through the campus and got some pictures so you all can see what Ambler is all about.

So my advice to Temple students is to take advantage of the different places you can take classes. Temple has a lot to offer so why not take a chance?

For more info on Temple University Ambler Campus click here


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