How to get your musical on at Temple


One of the things that I really love about Temple is that there are so many things to do on campus.
You want to grab a cheese steak? We got it.
Want to visit the grave of our founder? We got it.
Want to go see a play or a musical? We got it.

So Thursday night, with a few other friends, I ventured to Tomlinson, our theater on campus to watch a spectacular musical called Urinetown. The musical was special not only because it was a hilarious dark comedy with political undertones, but also because the star was our own Katie Johantgen! Katie, another Owl Ambassador like myself, gave a spectacular performance as Hope Cladwell, the daughter of a shrewd monopoly-owning business man in charge of all the bathrooms in the city. The show is set in a town in the future that has run extremely low on water and must regulate every use of the precious resource (including charging ridiculous amounts of money to use the bathroom!) Overall the musical was hilarious from start to finish with an unexpected ending to top it all off. The jokes were humorous but once you took a deeper look you could see that they were pretty political which made it all the more hilarious.

It was great to take a break from school work and responsibilities, turn my cell phone off for a few hours, and just relax with some great friends. Urinetown will be playing until October 30th and it’s only $10 with a Temple student ID. I’d definitely recommend this show to anyone!


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