A little of this, a little of that


Well I think I’m going to give up on the whole ‘How to’ thing… I’ve run out of things to teach. So, from now on this will just be a regular blog dedicated to cool stuff you can do as a Temple student.

I haven’t blogged in quite some time… and honestly it’s 4:00pm the day before Thanksgiving… Lauren and myself are the only ones here in the Undergraduate Admissions office, and frankly, I don’t feel like thinking too much. So here is a photo-blog-post of the last however many days its been since I blogged. Here were the highlights:

Fall ❤

my roommate turned 21!


found some nice words in a bathroom stall




my mom... proving how awesome she is


getting my grub on at a truck called Vernalicious ... so. good.


did WORK.



my dad and me at the penn state vs. temple game... I don't want to talk about it.


I was Pepperann for Halloween ... #nailedit


ok…well… that was fun. =]


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