What I’ve Learned in my 2 Days Working at my Internship


Well hello subscribers, long time no blog. And when I say hello subscribers, I mean hello Mom and Dad.

As many of you know through my obnoxious Facebook updates, I have recently landed an internship. But not just any internship, no sir… my DREAM internship. You are currently reading the blog post of the new Web and Marketing intern for Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation! What. Is. Up. I get to work with my favorite things 18 hours a week; Marketing, the internet, and Philly ❤ What’s that Rocky statue? You’re jealous? Yeah, I would be too.

I just got home from completing my second day on the job (that’s 12 hours of rock solid hustle) and already I have learned so much. So, for you my blogging buddies, I will let you in on the 3 things I’ve learned so far on the job (I should really be charging money for this golden knowledge, but since my parents are probably the only ones reading, I’ll let this one slide. I guess I owe you guys one… for the whole giving me life thing, thanks for that by the way.)

Here we go…

1.) Heels.
Heels are so much more appealing at 8 o’clock in the morning than they are at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Half way through the day, those suckers go from appealing to appalling in about 2 seconds.

2.) Bathroom Etiquette.
You do not have to tell anyone that you’re going to the bathroom.

Me: “I’m just going to go to the bathroom real quick”
My Supervisor: “You don’t need to tell me that”
Me: “Ok” (walks away)

Trust me, it’s awkward for everyone.

3.) Words.
Make a list of all the words you hear that you don’t know the meaning to. I actually got this idea in my MIS class and it’s brilliant. I work in the web department so they’re constantly throwing around words that I don’t know or can’t remember the meaning to, so I write it down and look it up when I get home. This DEFINITELY includes any and all acronyms. Apparently corporate America is an acronym addict.


Until next time, all the love.


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